A center for children with autism spectrum disorders who were forced to leave their homes due to hostilities and evacuate to Lviv.

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All the shocks a child with autism spectrum disorders faces can severely damage their sensitive psyche and cause developmental delays for years. The war with rocket attacks and explosions caused stress for all of us. While for a child with ASD, even a person's touch or rearrangement of the room feels like a such explosion. The only difference is that they occur in the child's nervous system.

The Future for Ukraine Foundation has opened the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB for children with autism spectrum disorders who have fled the war zone. Our goal was to create a safe space for children to develop, adapt to new conditions, and eventually integrate into society.

HOW LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB helps children with ASD

At the moment, 39 children are taking remedial classes at the hub. But we are constantly developing.

We plan to help 100 children with ASD per month. To do this, the hub will hold the following classes:

Speech therapyBehavioral correctionArt therapySensory integrationAdaptive physical education
In total400
classes per month

Classes will be held individually and based on documents confirming the diagnosis of ASD provided by parents.


The course
of classes with
one child will last


for each child

How to support us?

Як нас підтримати?

Organization of classes



LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB accepts children based on the following documents:

  • comprehensive assessment and referral from the Inclusive Resource Center (IRC);
  • individual rehabilitation program for a child with a disability (extra optional);
  • a certificate from a psychiatrist indicating the diagnosis;
  • a certificate of registration as an internally displaced person.
First meeting

First meeting

The child and their parents get to know the center’s staff

Individual approach

Individual approach

The program is designed for 12 months, which means 25 correctional sessions per month. The program is based on recommendation letters from the IRC, doctors, and testing conducted with the child in other institutions. Then, the program is approved by the parents

Course of classes

Course of classes

We report on the progress of the children to their parents every month. The reports are filled in based on metrics developed by our specialists.



The head methodologist fixes the achieved result for every child in the hub.

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Lviv<br /> St. Heroiv UPA, 80


St. Heroiv UPA, 80


FFU Ukraine

Ukraine, 01023, Kyiv
Mechnykova str., 2
BC Parus, office 25

Visit us!
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LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB+380682407701,[email protected],Вул. Мечнікова 2, БЦ Парус, офіс 25,01023,Україна, Київ