We are looking for Guardians of the World of Children on the spectrum

The world of children on the spectrum is quite special and diverse. Each child with disorders on the autism spectrum sees everything in his own way, and there are no two identical children in perception. Their world is like a big and endless Universe, where every star shines with its own colors but is very fragile. Any new external interference can shatter it into a million pieces like a crystal.

That is why children on the spectrum need to be protected. We are looking for Spectrum Guardians for the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB. Those people will talk about our project to support children with ASD. Those who will spread the word about autism and inclusivity and help us cover the necessary fees for the hub.

If you are ready to actively contribute to the children with autism spectrum disorders integration into society and give them a chance for a happy future, fill out the application form.

Join the guard

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