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*the site was created for World Autism Awareness Day

is autism?

Autism is a certain state of brain development, which can manifest itself in a person's behavior, in the way he or she perceives the world around and interacts with the environment.

The autistic spectrum is wide and varied. Someone can live independently, and easily engage with people. But for another one, it's hard even to go outside, because loud noises and strangers could scare them.

That's why the whole spectrum of autism signs is called autism spectrum disorders or ASD.

Help create a safe space for the development of children with autism spectrum disorders



children aged under 18 have been diagnosed with autism in Ukraine (according to the National Health Service of Ukraine).


of children who were diagnosed with autism at an early age (before 5 yo) can adapt to society during further rehabilitation (according to the monitoring agency research).

How can we help?

The first major thing we can do is not to be indifferent to the problem of people with autism. 

For people with ASD to be able to adapt to social life, we should take confident steps towards building an autism-friendly environment in Ukraine.

Things to know in communication with people on the spectrum:

People with ASD can be alarmed by the following simple everyday situations:

  • travel in public transport
  • phone call
  • intense emotions
  • the conflict that is happening nearby
  • unexpected changes
  • close attention to mistakes
  • lack of time alone
  • external stimuli that interfere with the performance of tasks
  • unclear instructions or absence of a plan
  • unfamiliar places, people, actions
  • information overload
  • when they’re asked a lot of questions and treated demanding
  • too bright lights and loud sounds

People on the spectrum are helped to balance their emotional state with:

  • things they are used to
  • a clear routine and daily rituals
  • performing repeated movements such as rocking, spinning in place, and walking in circles. These actions are called stimming

Dictionary of tolerance

An important rule in communicating with people on the autism spectrum is to respect personal boundaries and always ask for permission!
Stay tolerant! After all, the personality is above all, and only then the diagnosis!

How to say correctly

  • person/child on the spectrum
  • person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • person with autism
  • person on the autism spectrum

How should you NOT call people with ASD

  • autistic
  • invalid
  • mentally ill
  • special children
  • rain people
  • people with autism syndrome

Myths and questions about autism

Can I get autism?

No, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an inborn feature of the nervous system, caused by genetic factors and environmental influences. A person lives with it all life.

A blood test can diagnose ASD

Autism spectrum disorders can only be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. An experienced pediatrician or parents can notice the first signs.

What are the first signs of autism, and when do they appear?

At the age of 6 months. Parents usually notice later — when the child turns 1, and still does not actively engage in social activities. You should consult a doctor if your child does not have a pointing gesture, avoids eye contact with you, wants to play alone, or performs repetitive actions.  

Children with autism cannot study in regular schools

Parents can choose an educational institution for a child with ASD based on the conclusion of the Inclusive Resource Center (IRC). There are many cases when children on the spectrum are quite independent, their behavioral and social skills are no different from their peers, so specialized educational institutions are not obligatory for them.

A boy laying on the floor with balls

LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB helps children on the autism spectrum

The hub was established in February 2023 in Lviv to support IDP families raising children with autism spectrum disorders.

LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB provides a full range of corrective therapy classes on a free basis for children with ASD who were forced to leave their homes due to russian military aggression.

About remedial classes

Corrective therapy is essential for the full development of children on the spectrum. Remedial classes with therapists and psychologists in the hub help children acquire new skills in speech and behavior, teach independence, develop logical thinking, and provide basic preparation for school so that in the future children with ASD can integrate into social life.

A boy playing

Over 400 classes every month:

Speech therapy
Art therapy
Visits to a psychologist
Behavior correction (ABA therapy)
Sensory integration
Adaptive physical education

Project idea

The idea of the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB project is not only to provide basic correctional assistance to children on the spectrum, but also to tell society about the problems of people with autism, and to build a barrier-free environment in our country and the world together!

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